Unika Bag, the sustainable bag

Unika Bag women’s bags are the only Limited Edition and Eco Ethno Chic ones. Sustainable bags made in Italy made entirely by hand and with passion.

The Unika Bag!

Every single Unika Bag, is tailored by experienced hands, in order to preserve the uniqueness of each piece.

Unika’s aim is to delve into elegance. The same elegance that emerges every time a woman smiles, glances, makes a gesture, in her own and unique way.

This is why, Unika Bags are available only in Limited Editions. Single pieces, just as every Woman deserves to be Unique.

Unika Bag, be always chic!

Being chic doesn’t consist in being slave of famous labels. True elegance is hidden behind the uniqueness. Of every Woman. Together with your UNIKA BAG, you will always be chic.

All the limited edition bags you will find on our website, are realized with recovered materials, fully sustainable.

Kilim rugs of berber origin and many other furniture fabrics no more considered for their standard use, get skillfully transformed into stylish pochettes and amazing shopping bags.

UNIKA BAG piceces own a heart. They have many stories to tell and are ready to write new ones.

A bag for every woman

Unika Bags are meant to be the storytellers of your mood, matching perfectly with your look:

  • UNIKA Tote Bag, for super organized Women, that choose a comfortable and spacious bag;
  • UNIKA Pochette, to carry by hand or shoulder, for freedom-loving women;
  • UNIKA CLUTCH, specially suited for social events and ceremonies.

With her eyes fixed firmly on the future, Unika Bag is developing new bags realized as always with recovered materials, focusing on current fashion trends and determined not to abandon her sustainable ethic code.

Unika Bag Logo, has been created combining Brand Name with a keyhole, because every bag represents a treasure chest for its owner, who is the only one able to open it.

Each object contained inside Women’s bag is a fragment of their life, the starting point of their story, just like a piece of a puzzle to be assembled.

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